Much Worse

"Why has he been chatting for 30 minutes with that pretty girl? I feel like giving up my job, so I don't have to see them again!!" I cried in the office's toilet. Oh, no! I really had to wash my face and reapply my make up because I had to see my boss. He was waiting for my report on a client. Thanks to God, I managed to behave normal outside the toilet. "I can't give up something big, only for something as small as a stupid office romance. I'm happy  working for this office, this boss,... although there is this 'jerk' here, my pain in the ***.

Some tears soaked my eyes a little bit, during my three presentations. The next day, in a training session I daydreamt for the whole 2 hours thinking about him.

poussy poussy
Feb 17, 2010