The First Time..........

The first time i cried in shower was the time when my father died of lungs cancer. My parents got divorced when i was 13. I was living with my mother and sister in another city i didnt know that my father have cancer and all of sudden i got the news of his death. I went to his funeral but i could not cry there i dont know why.When i came back and saw my mother i just wanted to cry like a mad person but i controlled my emotions i went straight to take shower and it was the first time i cried there.I didnt want to hurt my mother or to make her feel anything bad about herself that is why i cried in shower to hide it from her i knew my pain will put her in pain also.....
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yeah thats away you can hide your tears and know one notices cause all thats on your mind is the condition of your parents

it just tells you are a good person.

Best Wishes

Sounds like you have a loving caring connection with your mother. It has been said that tears are good for the soul and helps heal the pain--I don't know about that.
I wish you the best in life.

its sad to hear that, we do sometimes cry in shower. i have cried many times, after my mother passed.

you sure are strong, hope your Mom,sister are close thanks for sharing. admire you! sad way to suffer. sorry

thanks absoluteheaven i am better now its been 9 years since this happened.