Don't Look At Me.

When i was pregnant if my boyfriend and i got into an argument i would go take a shower. 'Cause i didn't want to cry in front of him. 'Cause 1. He would ask "Why are you crying for?" or 2. it would make him mad if he saw me cry. So if i was ever feeling sad during an argument or just 'cause of something else i would just say 'I'm off to go take a shower". And just let the water mix with my tears.

I use to do that as well when i was younger when i didn't want my mother to question me. I always use to hide my emotions like that. When i didn't want people to pester me with questions on why i was feeling the way i was or whatever i would run off to the restroom or just lock myself in there so no one would bother me. The shower was always my "Safe place" to cry so others don't see me.
MissSpookiness MissSpookiness
26-30, F
May 6, 2012