Funny In A Strange Way

I got home late last night. Talked to my son and sister. Called him. Talked for a few minutes. I ate my dinner, such as it was and watched television for a few minutes before crawling off to bed. It was hot and stuffy as I got dressed for bed and so I turned on the air conditioner to cool off the room. I looked at the picture on my nightstand. There he stood with me... my husband. He's been gone for a bit now. I miss him I know, but when I said my ritual good night to him, it wasn't his name I spoke aloud. I was slightly shocked at myself and had to stop a minute to think.  I smiled slightly and a little bit sad. "Good night , John, " I said sadly. "I do miss you, but I miss him too and you're not here anymore."  I texted Him good night one last time turned out the light and cried myself to sleep. Seems I can't seem to win for losing.....
theredlady theredlady
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yeah...but all you have to do is read my stories.....he's there from the beginning...i will write a story about him.