Funny How They Could Do This

She's cried so many times she doesn't even keep count anymore. Sometimes its quiet other times she breaks out in sobs because life has fallen apart again. They never seem to think about how their decisions affect her. She knows they care but yet they don't see what they're doing. The decisions they make slowly break her apart. Shes like an angel with broken wings. She cries more and more. When she goes to sleep all she can think of is sleeping forever. She isn't okay but that's all they want to hear from her. She tries to control her sobs but sometimes they just get way out of hand. Whenever someone comes she hides her face and pretends shes already asleep, as soon as their gone her sobs come some more. She doesn't know why she sobs so much anymore for things are just out of her control. One day she won't cry anymore. one day life will have less pain somehow. She still just doesn't understand how the people who care most can't see what they're doing to their broken angel.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2011

aww that is so sad :( i hope the angel gets better soon though. the whole point of life is to be happy and she is not. but angels cant be sad forever :)

exactly! :D