There Was a Time When..

i cried everything, such pain everyday, i felt like crying all the time, i cried my self to sleep everynight, my eyes were clouded from the constant flow of tears, my eyes hurt, my pillow soaking, i just wanted to disappear, i tried to disappear through the clouds in my dreams-felt like i was gone insane, the world i no longer felt part of, my soul yearning to depart from constant unremitting pain, it lasted along time but eventually my tears left my sadness stayed but i am its master, if you cry yourself to sleep hold on things will im prove i have every belief in that

Donalh Donalh
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 10, 2008

I cry every night because: 1) I want things that, apparently everyone says I Can't have. 2) I wish someone would show me the Love that only a Baby can be given.