When I Was A Young Boy!!

growing up as a loner, i never knew how to deal with it, in fact i had never even heard of the word "loner" at the time. all i knew is that i was different. i saw all the other kids interacting and playing with each other and enjoying it, having a good time, whereas i would try join in, but never enjoyed interacting with the other kids as much as they did, and i didnt like it, i just wanted to be happy and enjoy myself like all the other kids did, but i was different from them, i couldnt understand them, and they couldnt understand me, so on more than one occasion i would go to bed at night and cry myself to sleep, cos i just couldnt understand why i felt so different!! i still am a loner though, but now i pretty much enjoy it a lot better than in my younger days!!
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Are you an only child?

no, i have a brother who is 2 years older than me, and he is the total opposite of me, he is talkative, outgoing and confident!! lol

thank you *MissKissMyFrog*, i too still have difficult days, and i still wonder to myself just why i seem to be more sensitive than other people i know, i dont cry any more though, or at least i cant remember any times in my adult life where i have cried myself to sleep!! im sorry you still feel the need to cry sometimes, but on the plus side, sometimes its good to cry every now and then, cos it stops all the emotions just building up inside you!! <br />
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i miss you too!! (((hugs)))

*cuddles*<br />
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I too would cry at night sometimes, to this day if I have a particularly rough day I still cry. It doesn't happen as often anymore so that's good, I'm happy it's not as hard on you anymore :) <br />
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Miss you mister cowie!