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Crying myself to sleep tonight and I can stop. I just want to give up I dont care anymore if I live or die. My eyes hurt from crying all night. The cutting is not working , not even the deep cuts! Im so sick of crying. You see every thing odd when you have, not one care if today its death or life. If I could just go to sleep!!!
Cocosavethetatas Cocosavethetatas 22-25, F 8 Responses Jan 5, 2013

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I know how hard it is for you as you are going through this but as im there for you i do not want you to suffer as you are my pulli kutty. So no more cuts and crying okay? Be happy chellam.

I know how u feel I'm bullied and abused I have no friends and everyone one around me is dying, i also was a cutter but then I stopped knowing my friends in heaven wouldn't want me doing this to myself. Life Is hard for me and I cry every night and I've been crying myself to sleep for the past year.

I'm so desperate too.. crying everyday till i fall asleep.. my eyes hurt me a lot.. i can't see clear necause of my tired eyes.. so broken hearted.. i was a cutter too but i stopped.. so miserable and alone.. sometimes i think if i could just disappear... my 1st love left me.. all my dreams aregone.. l feel that i could never love again.. i still love him.. i cry and cry and nothing happens. I dream of him and wake up saying his name.. i can't stop crying.. god help us all

Hey ,
I'm really sorry to hear that , I feel your pain and I know how tired you get from crying ,I'm really sorry . Omg your words just made me cry right now , I've been through the same and I'm still fighting it till today , it's hard I know ...and It hurts ...don't ever think that you are alone or that you don't have any lovers ,or even that no one cares about you ....because there is some people ...somewhere out there loves you and cares about you ... I'm here and I will always be by your side , if you Accept my friendship , then I promise you that I'll try my best to make you smile and not cry ...because that's what friends are for ...don't be sad and don't waste your tears for who's not worth them ...because the ones that are worth them they won't make you cry ... Please cocoeyes don't be sad , I'm here and if you ever want or need to talk about anything ...know that I'm always ready to hear you , just text me ❤❤

❤❤ Sarah

Thats funny you made me cry with you words! Thanks you so sweet and amazing Sarah!

Thank you hope. Im happy that there is someone to take care of my friend coco. Love you and god bless you.

Honey,I too have had to deal with physical pain but the hardest pain I have ever had to deal with was the loss of the woman I loved with all my heart and was married to for 42 years. She had Brest cancer. It will be 2 years April 10th and it is still hard for me. I was devastated but friends and most importantly my God got me through it. I still hurt but I know where she is "in heaven with no more pain", and I know I will see her again when it is my turn.
Please honey don’t hurt yourself with the cutting it want help and could become worse. I am praying for you and I know there are others too who love you and are willing to help you with this. Just reach out for help. I am here for you as are others here!!

Thanks. Im so so sorry for you, i have lost 4 of my family to cancer. I know its hard!

Honey, Right now I am concerned about you! Please don't hurt yourself anymore! OK? I am so sorry for your losses but life continues and we have to move on and live for our lost loved ones. Again I am praying !

Hey love,

I know you've recently added me and was just scrolling through your profile and came along this. I'm so sorry that you've been dealing with stuff. From personal experience I cry all the time and honestly it's the best thing to ever have happened. Crying is like cleansing the soul, it's very healthy too but just remember that life is precious and there is just so much ahead of you and it may seem bad now but thats not fortunate for the future. Future and life is mysterious and it's tough but I hope you will be okay. From the looks of it here looks like you'll have some people missing you. =) Hope you are well and if you need a friend to talk too I'm here on EP ;)

Your sooo sweet! Thank you.

Your very welcome hun, I just most importantly wanted to make sure you were okay. <3

I wish I can make your pain go away the pain in your heart and the cuts that burns into your soul. I too have been down that road what seemed to be the unthinkable then is possible pain does heal.

I wish I can make your pain go away the pain in your heart and the cuts that burns into your soul. I too have been down that road what seemed to be the unthinkable then is possible pain does heal.