Bullied Beyond Babyhood

As a Baby, I was left on the floor at night, where I could easily get trampled in the dark. As a child, I was spanked for doing anything I found fun. As a teenager, I was forced to do Push-Ups if I had a Bad day. Now all I hear about is this western-based "Business" my captors wish to make me a part of. Does anyone know where I can become a baby again and find a stable Baby/Mommy Relationship??
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that's what i'd like to know too...only i just think of it as some kind of unconditional love Being

You want to be a baby too? What do you mean by "Unconditional Love Being"?

I don't know, maybe God or some type of loving parent figure I am missing

I'm missing a "Loving Parent Figure" My (Sob) Mommy! Waaah! Waaah!

Yes I know you are, that is what I am talking about...in 12 Steps programs they say we need a Higher Power to provide this love

Well, please let me know, (Inbox please,) where I can: 1) Become an adult baby girl named Ailani Moon, and: 2) Find a "Mommy" who will "Adopt" me and raise me in a stable Adult Baby/Mommy Relationship.

that i don't know...myself i am going to have to try therapy

I never was Good with Therapy, so I can't do that.

how about books? internet reading?

Mostly I read:
1) Fantasy-Fiction books
2) Fan-Fictions (Fiction stories based on shows, books, etc,) on Google.
What do u suggest I read? I tend to read about the habits of babies on Google though.

well, do you feel you are missing something in your life/heart? Then psychology or self help would be good. Or are you more interested in adult baby roleplay? You could look that up online

1) I told you I feel I'm missing my Mommy.
2) How will "Self Help" help?
3) What's "Adult Baby Role play"? (How would I do that?)

self help helps a lot of people in a lot of ways, take a look at the section in the bookstore...and if you don't know what adult baby role play is, you might as well nevermind because that wasn't what you meant...but feel free to google it

What would I search?

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