Crohn's In Esoph. And Throat. Also Small Instestine

I have had cd for 42 years, I was a horse jockey for 18 years, all the time with cd, only one stoppage from work due to cd, i broke my jaw racing and went into bad flare and had resection. now I'm and artist, still with cd, but in remission, due to mdeical marijuana in tincture form, not from smoking it. It's the tincture, I am on only 5mg of pred. pain meds when needed. remicade helped in my throat, somewhat not 100% not evan, I built up antibidies for it, then I tried immuran, the side effects of chest infection, almost poisoned me, very close. I am in deep seeded remission, the pred. I'm sure helps, but the tincture is a real blessing, I don't get very high on it, it puts me in good mood, but the THC that is cooked out of flowers is what is the amazing story. The healing properties in THC (not thru smoking) but thru extraction process. I dose 1-2 times per day. I eat absolutely anything I want, no diet restraints at all. My only issue is having 9ft of small bowel removed, is what has me on permanent dis. (ssdi). dehydration, malabsorbtion, and dumping syndrome.
artistdude artistdude
61-65, M
May 15, 2012