I have dealt with chron's for many years now. Always in pain, currently in a flare-up, and now back on steriods. I am taking percocet, toradol & levbid for pain. I try meditating every now & then.  Can anyone give me some advice?  HELP please?  I'm really missing alot of life functions!  Is there any particular diets that helps anyone?
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Probably, just watch what you eat more carefully. What you eat plays a really big factor in your Crohns flare ups. Also, ask your doctor for advice, I'm sure they would love to help!

Hello Artisdude,

Thank you for your respoonse. My son keeps telling me "to ask my Dr. about medical marjuana". I just have not, yet, thinking on it! And I do eat oatmeal, I will try papaya and see how that works. "I don't even know, if I ever tried papaya!" I also heard that coconut macaroon's is good for cd. I tired it, but not long enough. Thank you!

hey tired; I have cd as well, but for 42 yr's. blown thru all of the med's nothing helps me ecept 5mg of pred. pain med's when needed, but i use medical marijuana in tincture form. and it put me in rermission, took about 2 weeks of using 3 times aday, I use like any other med. now I use it 1 maybe 2times aday. I grow my own strains specifically for what I feel would work, took about 3 months to do the research. then i started to grow, it's legal here in cal. I also went to our local sheriff station, toold them what I was doing, showed them my dr's recommendation paper, and my medicare for ssdi. For your diet, eat what doesn't hurt, usually soft foods. I can eat anything now. but with 9ft of small bowel removed, I have food timing, usually I have to empty out my stomach in the a.m. then I eat oatmeal every morning with papaya(fresh) it's anatural digestive enzymme. papaya's for me is part of my medicinal med's I take