Crohn's Disease

I've had cd for 42 years, I have had 4 surgeries, so I am minus 9ft of ti including secum valve. I've tried all conventional med's started with asa drugs to no effect, did entecort, caused more problems than helped, then went onto remicade, which helped cd in my esph. and throat and canker sores down, but made me cramp really bad, additional side effect's were really bad. now I'm on 5mg of pred. and I use medical marijauna in tincture form only, It has put me into deep seeded remission, I'm also on ssdi because of cd. I grow my own strains that I have researched that would best suit me. then i cook my own tincture. I live in california, so lucky for me it's legal, I evan went to our local cop shop, just the other day, and told them what I was doing, they said fine, if we get called to go to your house, make sure you in compliance,( I am)
artistdude artistdude
61-65, M
May 15, 2012