Why Dont I Stop Hurting

I have been diagnosed with cd for several yrs..also diagnosed with a secondary lupus due to having cd for so long undiagnosed and no treatment. I am 35 f. I feel like i am trapped by my own body. My main complaint is constant joint painand spine pain. I have been to soooooo many drs. .And nothing seems to work. Longterm anyways, I do get relief from steroids..but cant take them longterm.I feel like my body is just going to colapse usually on a daily basis. I am so at my wits end..literally I dnt know what else to do or who to see. .My current step next is to see an oncologist. I live in pain everyday and i am so sad that my body cant hold up to most of the people i know, i cant do the things i want always because i jave always to plan around what i know will happen if i do...ya know. I really would like to know if there is anyone going through similar symptoms. I would love to talk or any advice is welcome too. Feel free to email me for a longer discussion if interested in talking. Email anonymousdonate00@yahoo or feedback here.
tx4sure tx4sure
May 21, 2012