Crohn's Disease No More!

I will try to keep it very short.

Months of abdominal pain, also, a gradual shortness of breath as symptoms became worse.

One morning in 1984 my colon began to hemorrage and 10 days later I was released from the hospital with the Doctor telling me in a short time I would have my colon removed. I wasn't ready to agree to that procedure.

Over the next 1 1/2 yrs. I discovered the day before the crisis of my colon bleeding I would be extremely short of breath. The next day I'd be doubled up in pain and beeding internally. Another discovery!: DAIRY PRODUCTS made the symptoms so much worse! (Read labels, folks!!!) The Doctor said, "Dairy products will make you bloat and give you foul smelling gas but cannot cause the colon to hemorrage". So I asked for a Lactose Tolerance Test. It turned out that I could not digest ANY lactose.

From that point I read every label and avoided every thing that had anything to do with dairy: milk, cream, whey,cottage cheese, the milk protien Casein, non-fat dry milk (is in everything, also, has a high lactose rating), cheeses, etc. It changed the way I cooked and lived. ALSO, IN A MONTH TO SIX WEEKS I WAS SYMPTOM FREE!!!!! NO PAIN, NO EXPLOSIVE GAS OR DIARRHEA, NO BLEEDING COLON. Xrays were clean and clear.

Now I believe Crohn's Disease is misdiagnosed Lactose Intolerance. Read the labels, folks! Recently I picked up a box of microwave popcorn ... the label read: Popcorn, Non-fat Dry Milk.

Thank you for your time.
hrburk hrburk
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Crohn' s disease in not misdiagnosed lactose intolerance. Most people can't even eat when they are in pain. I had to have over half my small and large colon removed due to it being severely diseased. I didn't eat dairy or anything else because I was too ill to eat.
It may have been true in your case but it's insulting to say it's true for everyone with a Crohn' s diagnosis.