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I have been having some stomach issues since I had my son in 2010. I have kept food diaries, gone without certain foods and nothing I have tried seems to help my symptoms. I can go days with zero issues, then have days where I am afraid to leave the house. I know where every bathroom is in every establishment in the town I am from. I have been to my family doctor a few times without any solid answers. I have Been told I could have IBS also. I was tested for and do not have celiacs disease. I have also cut out all dairy from my diet without any changes.

My symptoms are as follows....
urgent need to go(sometimes don't make it)
No pain associated except for uncomfortable bloating.

If anyone has any insight that can help, it would be very appreciated.
I am going to go and insist they start testing because what is happening to me is not normal.

Thank you!
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Hi I can relate to your story. I too started having similar symptoms after the birth of my son, however mine were also accompanied by severe pain. I was diagnosed when the pain got so bad that I went to a&e beleiving I had appendicitis. Just keep pushing because you know what's normal and not in your body. Also I hear it is fairly common for child birth to trigger crohns

I would keep persisting for tests, maybe a colonoscopy or stool samples. Both uncomfortable but helpful before the problem worsens.
Do you ever see blood in your stool ? If so, make sure you are seen by a doctor immediately. Also always keep a detailed journal of bowel movements and symptoms.
I have had crohns for 5 years and have similar symptoms, but there are many forms of bowel distress.
Good luck to you and I hope you find relief soon.