Late Diagnosis

i have crohn's disease i am 52 years old now but was told i probably had it since i was a teenager i have had two surgeries to remove the bad areas wore the bags for a year and 1 more surgery to reconnect my stomach and now finally after my last surgery in 2008 i have finally started gaining weight again i was 133 lbs when i left the hospitol and now am 171 still have aways to go but stiking to my diet and medicine has started to pay off so don't give up things can get better this is the short version of my story. thanks for listening MEL!
Melroo Melroo
51-55, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Hello melroo. Sorry to hear about the the condition however my dad has chrons and it is getting worse with the flare ups. I notice you said you have had the re section surgery. As my dad will be needing at some point this year we have been to see the surgeon about the procedure but the surgeon says it is a life threatening big operation, I am not to aware of this and don't know much and what to expect. At the moment my dad is on 3 aziathorprine a day has weekly bloods but it looks like his inflammation is getting worse, before you had the op did u change your diet in any way. I would appreciate any feedback and advise. Thank you

Glad to hear you're improving:)