Still Going Strong!

I'm 26 and have been living with Crohn's for over 12 years. I've had my ups and downs, I've had surgery, I've changed my diet (vegetarian now), I've had those days where being doubled over feels much better than being vertical... but I'm still going and I'm not letting up!

I guess this isn't much of a story than it is a message to get it out there so others can see it.

Don't give up. There is a lot out there to see and do. Don't let some silly stomach problem get in the way of you and you're life.
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Hi mpd09

how are you ?

What happened to you after surgery ?

Is the disease returned ?

I liked your post except the "silly stomach problem" son was diagnosed 10months ago and hospitalized for 30days and has had 12 blood transfusions bec he cant stop bleeding...has exhausted ALL meds possible for this disease...and now looking at a total ileostomy so his father and I and of course him, in no way see this as a "silly stomach problem" I get living your life and not allowing this disease to control you and glad you can post that for people like me to see so I can not lose hope but as a mom who cant do anything but administer weekly injections, give pain pills that I wish were never in my baby's body, heating pad because pain pills alone don't work, watch him getting a 5hr blood transfusion 12times too many and the whole time praying the blood is clean and without future problems in his body, and dispensing 21pills a day of meds and vitamins to try to help keep up with this disease, it is my life and as of today and the last 10months this disease does control us...our every move, dollar and energy is spent trying to help our son fight a disease that is foreign to us...sorry to throw that all out there but please know people like my 14yr old son and this mom "me" read posts like yours for inspiration and not to be told or suggested this 10months of hell is silly...just a thought...btw: I am glad for you that you are doing well with it and you do live life even though you had a wrench thrown into it.

With respect, a hurting feeling helpless mom

Hi mom, my. Heart goes. Out to 56. And have had crohns 30 plus yrs. long stories but the short of it is I've had a illiostomy since 1990 and its was like I stepped into a new body. Wish I wouldn't have fought it and done it much sooner. So if your son needs it he will feel like he's a new guy. Good luck and hope your son does much better in the future.


Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have been in contact with 1 young lady who recently had a illiostomy as well at 21yrs old and she too, like you, has said she feels great...I guess as a mom of a young young boy I worry this will cause him depression, angry, bitterness...he tells me he would rather die then to have that yes I worry but I am slowly trying to get him to read the emails she sends to me of how well she is doing with the procedure....and diet. I am so glad to hear you are doing well with it and you have no regrets...makes me sleep better knowing there is 1 more person out there that did well with something we fear....

an appreciative but worried mom

Hi, does being a vegetarian make it easier?

There's been a lot of things that I've not done, knowing that I'd be sick some of the time. Especially being misdiagnosed for so long people didn't understand. But now that I have an answer I'm taking the bowels by the 'head' and telling them to kiss my sore ***. Thanks for the words of encouragement. We aren't about to give up!

Thanks for letting people know that it is possible to live with Crohns!