We Found Him Before He Committed Sucide

Update on my story:-

We found him before he could complete his act.

He has returned home we are now taking one day at a time. I do not know what the future will bring. But I will update the story and tell you what he went through when I get his permission.

We had the worse realty check we could think of. Jobs don't seem half as important when this occurs and you realise just how much your kids mean to you.

We are now dealing with the IBS together one day at a time. Parents if they have this talk to your kids. Kids if you have this speak to your parents. We may repeat or go over the same old things you have tried but we can be there for you if you let us. Its nothing to be ashamed of and its certainly not worth losing your life over. It's hard for sufferers we understand. If you don't think so ask any mother who has delivered a child. We do know the pain honest. But when we see who we have produced its worth every bit of the pain we felt. So don't you ever think we won't or don't understand.

Parents keep the faith in whatever religion or way you choose. Some times good can come out of the bad.

Don’t give up on looking for them. Even if you fear the worse.
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ive attempded suicide over it too.