I Donr Know How Long I Can Take This

i have been threw def so many times i don't know what to do i fear the worst is to come but i rather not let my mom or my dad know about it see i love them a lot even if most of the time i tell them that i don't but i do and i rather leave this world knowing they had no idea i was dieing cause that's whats happening i don't know how much of time i have to be here but i hope it will end soon i cant take the Early morning pains or the choking s i wish i was dead i fought for so long i think i deserve the rest i don't know what i have but i know it serious iit gets worst and worst by the day i can fell i am reaching to the end i just wish it wouldn't take so long i want to be gone to be free at last i am a romantic truthful a person a person of her word and in this world their is no place for people like me we feel everyones sorrow as our own were but it hurts so much so much mentally and fiscally keeping up
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

pathticly caring fuf thanks god i grew up