More Than Once

I have several outfits, complete with maternity and nursing bras.  Be sure you don't wear heels as that might be a dead give away.  Hang around medical centers and doctors offices.  Several times I have put on a maternity dress and gone to the medical center one town away.  I looked about three months pg and when I got there they had a young man working at the info desk.  I asked him what floor my new doctor was on and what room number.  He seemed to enjoy that as much as I did.  That floor had a small waiting room at the end of the hall.  I sat down there and picked up a magazine.  Ten minutes later a man came over and sat down.  I saw him stop at a doctors door with a woman.  He said he wasn't able to sit in the doctors waiting room.  He would wait for her there.  She was there to be sure she was pregnant.  "Were not sure,"  he said.  They were also not married yet.  He then asked if they can be sure kind of early.  I said Yes they can be sure after the exam.  Her said she is pretty scared of the exam.  I asked if this was her first exam at a gynecologist.  He said he thought so.  "Well tell her it gets easier after the first."Half an hour later she walked out of the office and down to us.  Of course she was pg.  She saw me in my maternity clothes and asked how far along I was.  I said 13 weeks.  "Tim here wasn't sure but was that your first pelvic?"  She said yes.  I asked which doctor and she told me.  "Well it will be much easier next time.  He's pretty gentle."  Then because of my fetish I went on and asked.  "did he have those little covers on the stirrups when you had to get in them?"  She said no just bare metal and cold.  He looked bewildered and they left.  When I left the guy was still at the info desk.  I went over to him and said. "Thanks again."  and walked out.  I have been back there at least four more times and always find someone in the waiting area to talk to.  Wish I would
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Jul 11, 2010