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Pregnancy Fantasy

i was watching the movie BABY MAMA where they had a device to let a male experience some of the effects of pregnancy. In the movie it was called a HE-TUS. This is an imaginary device, but there is a company that sells something like it, even better.


Now i can’t stop thinking about wearing one. i want to be pregnant or at least experience this very feminine sensation.

Has anyone else ever felt this way?

Does anyone have experience with a device like this.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

Here is my experience:<br />
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i have fastened a sturdy balloon around a douche tube connected toand ename hose in turn connected to my hand held shower hose. The water fills the balloon (and me) and then i clamp off the hose. Now i am filled with a ball about 4 inches in diameter (you will realize this after the next step). Now push. It may take a few sessions to be able to "deliver", but it's quite an experience. (if you can't expel the first few times, just release the hose clamp and drain some water.) Practice.