Male Want To Become Pregnant

well ihave cross dressed in maternity clothes but while pregnant i found a way that men can get pregnant i have had to carry the baby like etopic pregnancy like some women do so i am 3 months pregnant
Iwannbeafemalewhoispregnant Iwannbeafemalewhoispregnant
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Wait ur pregnant ?!!

Im not trying to be rude, please accept my apologies if i come across that way. However, I'm not certain this is possible. I'm not stating i know everything in the world but as an RN, and working in women's health as an OB/GYN nurse for several years, this is extremely unlikely without a uterus. Might u be explaining it incorrectly?

Ectopic pregnancy happens from time to time in women. It happens when the egg implants itself outside of the uterus. It's very dangerous and extremely high risk. Most doctors won't allow the mother to continue with the pregnancy since there is no placenta and the risk of hemorrhage is so high. I think it has been talked about as a possibility for men but it has never been attempted because it is so risky...

I guess what i mean is. I wasnt aware in A&P that men have fallopian tubes or a uterus, or endometrial tissues that can actually grow a fertilized egg into a fetus.

I am willing to try it

You're thinking correctly, lovely. Though there have been a handful of attempts to implant a fetus in the abdomen of a male, no scientific experiment to date has succeeded to bring it to term. Ectopic pregnancy in a male is purely speculation within a very tiny circle of scientists. The most obvious failure is the inability to "fabricate" an umbilical cord for a male to deliver valuable nutrients to the child during its growth.
That being said, there are many men out there who would love to have the honor if possible.

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It's actually ectopic pregnancy and extremely risky...

It's etopic pregnancy

That's amazing! I didn't even know that was possible! ^-^ I feel really happy for you sweetie! I want to be pregnant someday.

the implated something in abdominal section my pregnancy its etopic its amazing to be pregnant and my wife is pregnant too

Hi, I'm a crossdresser too, I dressed up as a pregnant woman for a Halloween party once and no one knew who I was until I said something, I used a pillow for my tummy.<br />
How, may i ask, did you get pregnant? I'm interested. I would love to be pg.

P.S. I had to drive home that way too, luckily my roommate, at the time, didn't see me when I got home.