my beloved Freddy is crosseyed. When he was so small(kitten) he can't see things in the right place. I feel very pity on him everytime he see things in the wrong direction. Now, he is 4months old and he foundout  things and have techniques on getting the target. I love him very much but seeing him sometimes bleeds my heart. 

witchflower witchflower
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Thanks for sharing Freddy's story. It sounds like he's got a very caring mom. I hope to hear that his vision improves in the future.

Fret not, witchflower! I was born cross-eyed, too; it corrected itself in time, and I'm none the worse for wear. Freddy sounds like he is getting along okay and it's so good he has you to love and care for him! ^^