I Have a Crosseyed Cat Ll

 Three days ago, I found out fredy is more on exploring outside our house. esp outside the fence. I was bit worried maybe a bigger cat well chase him or fight him. It was happen before when he was  a kitten and also before we adopt him,he is bullyed by his big brothers as what the Adopt Org.told us. I am not at eased when I dont see him right away after I call him. Later, I understand that my Freddy is inlove.. YeS he is in love...  Even in his crossed eye, he is brave to see the other cat outside the fence and following her. I just wish those cat won't see freddy physically but in his heart.. I am very xctd for my freddy.. and a little nervous for him.  

witchflower witchflower
Mar 20, 2009