My Crowd-surfing Experience

A year and a half ago, I went to a Senses Fail concert with a friend of mine.  We were jumping around and rocking out when she turned to me and asked, "Will you crowd-surf with me?" 

I was so excited because I went to Warped Tour with her prior to that and did not do it then.  I watched her do it and she got dropped a few times.  She wasn't seriously hurt, but I was scared.  Once we left I had regretted not doing it.  I swore I would crowd-surf at the next opportunity.

When she asked me, I immediately said yes without hesitation.  We left our group there near the front of the crowd, and made our way to the back of the crowd.  We were looking for a couple of big guys to lift us up and get us going.  We found a couple and they threw her up first and I soon followed.

My heart was pounding and my adrenaline was rushing!  I was going feet first towards the stage and I could feel that my feet were going up in the air and my head was going down.  I didn't want to fall head first onto the ground so I pushed on people's heads to keep myself up. 

It does seem rude, but that's how it is at concerts.  There is shoving, pushing, and you get kicked in the head from people crowd-surfing.  None of it's intentional.  It is annoying when you're on the receiving end, though.

Once I got to the front, I was practically sitting up.  One of the security guards was standing there so I had my hands stretched out so he could grab them.  He grabbed me and flung me to the ground on my feet as if i weighed nothing.  He let go of me, but I still had a hold of him.  I tried to get my bearings and almost fell over and pulled him down on top of me!  Normally, I would have been embarrassed about something like that, but that was such a small thing compared to the amazing thing I had just done.

That was one of the greatest nights ever.  After the show, I ran into the lead singer outside and got his autograph!  Truly amazing.  The only down-side to that night was not paying more attention to the stage while I was crowd-surfing.  I was right there, front and center, and I didn't look up.  However, it gives me a reason to do it again!

I recommend that everyone try it at least once.  It is such an awesome experience!

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3 Responses Oct 19, 2008

i wanna do it. but im kinda scared. cuz all my guy friends are always like theyre gonna grab you in places.

...Got thrown around the crowd at Donington 1992 (I think!) when Iron Maiden headlined in front of 107,000 people....had a lot of (I presume!) men's hands grabbing my ***!<br />
<br />
Oh...same kinda time fr<x>ame, in Nottingham (UK) did crowd surf to All About Eve (remember them?)...Oh...happy days! LOL!<br />
<br />
Sammy Jo xx

Wow, never would try it but enjoyed you telling about it.<br />
Did dance on the tables at a Bruce Springsteen concert in the 70's though. That was exciting. Mox