I Am Not The Only One

jake catskill is not my real name, but it is me. Sept. 21 2009  was the day when the things that i though were hard became next to impossible. Since I was 13 I had knee problems, playing sports and playing hard was my life but that summer @ 13 years old I blew my left knee out ( torn acl , medial meniscus, and the starts of arthritus) , but I just kept playin harder, dreeaming of one day playing in some pro sport which was probably the dreams of many my age at that time but for me it was a bit different. I was over 6 feet tall,i was fast,strong,andsports just came to me naturally. But I played so hard, every two years I would hurt my knee again, this continued every 2 yrs until school was over along with my dreams of pro sports, no biggie. So along came carreer after carreer until at the age of 29 I  was working a sedentary job walking with a cane everywhere I went< i though I had it bad. then one day I smacked my right knee (which was the better) very hard. but I just shook it off. Two weeks later on sept 29th 2009 I awoke to the most horrifying pain I could'nt even imagen in my right leg, I couldnt move it , touch it  I swear it hurt to even look at it. It felt like there were little men with razor sharp knives fileting the flesh from my bones and pouring gas all over and lighting it on fire. This was the sensation, or at least the closest  i could describe, that ran down my right leg and into my foot. 3 ER visits, 23 hospitals and clinics, countless doctor or whatever they are, for a diagnosis but still no treatment that would work they tried  drugs, 4 sympathetic blocks, 4 perneol popteal blocks and now We're gonna try a spinal impulse thingamagiger and if that dont work their gonna do a drug pump, to at least get me off of some af the hand feed narcs any way I am here in a chair doped to the gills but not feelin anyting but pangs of destress, well thats the short story hope you all hangin in there just keep swimin ,,,love
jakecatskill jakecatskill
Jul 21, 2010