Fayt Leingod

If anyone has heard of the game, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, then you know who I'm talking about.
Fayt Leingod is one of the most amazing men I have ever been blessed enough to play as in a video game.
His amazing charisma, powerful words, and chilling attitude leaves me speechless everytime.
His sharp blue hair.
Beautiful green eyes.
Tall at 5'9".
A basketball star.
Dedicated fighter.

In the journey that he had to walk upon, he showed every emotion.
Happiness, pain, joy, sorrow...
He realized that he was one of the three who could save the entire universe.
It was a huge weight laying on his shoulders, but he had managed to pull through to the very end.

What pulled me towards Fayt more than anything was his determination.
When everything seemed dark, he would always find the light, even when he himself was hurting the most.
He touches everyone's hearts in one way or another, and even he doesn't realize it.
The words that leaves his lips are nothing less of empowering.
Though his power is Destruction, his heart can Heal.

Fayt Leingod, you are the greatest.
The best.
One of a kind.

Don't ever change.
Destati Destati
22-25, F
May 14, 2012