I Love Them!

I love them so much! I don't know why and I know they're not real, but I can't help it. I told my one friend who understands but she's not that in love with her fictional characters.

Okay first character is Vergil from a game that I haven't played but know so much about. It's called Devil May Cry, ever heard of it. Vergil may be be the villain but he's so cute and his voice is cool! It's like a melody and I just want to listen to him forever. I like his personality too. I know he hates humans but doesn't mean I won't stop crushing on him. I also love this quote he says to his brother Dante 'Foolishness Dante, Foolishness!...'

Next would be Vladimir Tod in the book serious Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. He's exactly like me. He feels like an outsider and by the description of him of him being too pale and skinny doesn't bother me, he seems cute to me. Too bad those stupid popular girls in the books don't see, I hate it when they look at him like garbage and scrunge up their noses as if he smells that bad. 'He takes a shower people!'. He considers himself a freak just because he's the only half human half vampire and I feel really bad for him. But he's so funny too! When he makes jokes I want to laugh but I have to hold it in or my classmates will think I'm crazy 'which I think they already do'. I think boys like him are cute, funny, and a good person no matter who they are.

I also like Lelouch from Code Geass, I also like Izaya and Shizou from Durrara. Those guys are so friken HOT!!!!

Sorry I don't have time to explain those guys.
bubbly12 bubbly12
13-15, F
May 14, 2012