Simba. Flynn Rider. Real Men.

Don't you hate when you find you'e falling for that cute animated guy? I mean really???? How do the movie studios do that? Make an animated guy so attractive and charming that every girl falls head over heels for him. Or even those animated animals! Sometimes they can be attractive too, somehow. Like Simba. Good grief. Who would've thought that a girl would have a crush on an animated lion?
I very often find myself falling for characters in books too and it's so easy to do that because in a book, it's like your best friends with the character, because being the reader, you know everything about that character. I am still madly in love with Daniel Stanton, a man in a book i read a while back who was just too good to be true (hence why he is fictional) and i wish that he really existed. But you know it's not half bad crushing on fictional characters, true you'll never meet them, they'll never know you exist and true they're not even real, but it's nice having one of those just too-good-to-be-true fellows. Like Flynn Rider! Anybody else crushing on him? Heroic, charming, funny, attractive and don't even get me started on "the smolder". What a guy.
I think fictional charactes are everyones ideas of the perfect man or woman so it's kinda fun to crush on them. What say you?
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Totally get this! I had a crush on Hermione Granger (in the books... I pictured her way different than the girl I saw the movies... Owell)