Any Sherlockians Here?

I know, I'm a geek! But I totally love Sherlock Holmes! I love mysteries to begin with, but I never could get into the original Holmes stories (Conan Doyle); they're just too wordy! But then I was given one of the Mary Russell books (Laurie King), and I was in love! I have to admit, when I'm reading one of the Russell books, I'm not sure whether I'm more in love with Holmes or Russell or the partnership. Then some GENIUS cast Robert Downey Jr as Holmes in the movie! I don't have much feeling for Robert Downey Jr, but as Holmes, he is HOT! Now, I listen to the audiobooks of the original stories (Conan Doyle) and I can picture RDJr as Holmes, and I LOVE it!!
Are there ANY other Sherlockians around here?
aubiecat aubiecat
31-35, F
Sep 14, 2012