♥ My Midna

If you couldn't guess from my profile pic, I am totally obsessed with the little imp from Twilight Princess. She's cute, sexy, funny, smart, exotic, she's perfect to me.

I think both of her forms are drop dead gorgeous. I've got many pictures of her, both safe for work and not, and all of my electronics have a different picture of her as wallpaper. If I could have any woman in the omniverse, it would be her, no hesitation.

You know what the best part is, though? I practice astral projection, and in doing so, there are literally no limits to what I can do; you're only limited by your imagination. Three guesses as to what the first thing I went and did was, and the first two don't count. On that note, she's really passionate and a mighty fine kisser. ♥
Torcularis Torcularis
22-25, M
Feb 8, 2013