Am I In Love Or Am I In Dellusion?

Will from dark trilogy's, Edward from Twilight, Howl from Howls moving Castle, etc etc i get so wrapped up in them i look for them in people i meet in life and I'm always disappointed when i cannot find them.  Which is not fair to the human world as these people are not real and are only fabricated to be "perfect" and life is not as so.  But other people are happy right?  Other people seem to have found people in which they would write books on their lovers?? so although i will continue to read my fave books and always look in faces for the people that have stolen my heat,  i have to wonder is it a lost cause? or are the books just guiding me to find the one person that will make me truly happy and feel loved?

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@buffalotus : yeah, and then ask the characters from the movie/book inkheart to bring him to life XD

Good advice, but I'm still holding out for Howl: book-Howl, not creepy anime Robo-Howl.

Because characters in sf/fantasy/anime quite often represent an idealistic person, without many or any flaws. Because these characters are always in a situation where their good personality can be shown. You don't see Will going to school, doing boring things that we all have to do. You see him swinging the dagger, being responsible and brave. You can't compare real life to books, all these fictional characters have it easier then us. Books give 500 pages the world gets saved, a protagonist shows his great character and the reader is amazed. But real people have to live day by day, doing what they think is right, facing actual problems that can't be solved with magic and swords. You're disappointed by others, but I bet you don't act as Lyra or any other character. Isn't it unrealistic to expect that from others.

I'm a writer, and I've fallen for characters I write about! But here is something I a writer. You don't include everything when you present a character, you can't. You put in the important stuff for the story. You share things about their mind and heart in a way that the people who interact with them don't get to know. It's a very different way of knowing people. You don't have to deal with some of the annoying things you would in real life. They aren't dealt with in a book or movie...that they eat raw onions on their hotdog, or fart in bed, or have a phobia of public restrooms, or are addicted to wearing a Nascar t shirt, or whatever. <br />
And you get to understand their deep inner motivations, know that under it all their heart is good...that in real life you would not be able to know.<br />
So, that is one of the lovely things about that they are always part fantasy, a good writer leaves a bunch of stuff "open" about a character...allowing the reader/viewer to fill in the blanks themselves. That lets the reader/viewer fall for the character, identify with the character, or relate to the character on a more personal level.<br />
One character can become special to many types of people, because each fills in the blanks in the way they need to, to "fall" for the character.<br />
<br />
in real life, the blanks are all filled in. You don't get to complete the other person the way that would make you happiest, you have to deal with who they are.<br />
<br />
So...sure, fall in love with characters, it's fun, it's healthy and normal and helps us sort out what we are looking for in a partner, but remember that with real people, you don't get to "finish" them according to your personal tastes. They are who they are.<br />
If you don't remember that, it will lead to a lot of disappointment and resentment due to false expectations.<br />
But you will always be able to be in love with characters on the side...have that little fantasy that makes dealing with your real partner a bit easier.<br />
<br />
Real life romance is NOT the same as book and screen some ways it's better, but it is also more work.