Too Many to Count!

 Whether it's Sephiroth from Final Fantasy, or Ayame from Fruits Basket, or even Snape from Harry Potter! I'm always falling in love with one fictitious character after another!
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Me too but not snape


wow ayame his personality wears me down but maybe thats because so many people call me yuki though i feel im more kyo but mine are nodoka hinata or konota and chi and torhu to many to count i guess lol

Ah Snape to be honest I am a Snape fangirl but I wouldn't exactly call that a crush more like admiration.

Sephiroth really is hot, and I have to admit I went through a Snape phase too. (I think it was partly the same reason I like Artemis Entreri from Legend of Drizzt. He's a good bad-guy who has a really tough life and turns good in the end. You can't help but want to hug the poor man and make him feel like someone cares!) You might like Sesshomaru from Inu Yasha too, if you haven't "met" him yet. ;) I don't know about Ayame because I haven't watched that anime yet. Maybe I should.

*hugs Ayame* Ayame's mine... but I feel he same way. I always am loving some fictional character, whether it's from a video game or anime.

LOL ayame????<br />
<br />
come to think of it, Haru was pretty hot, although I'm not sure how I'm attracted to a drawing o_o<br />
<br />
I also like the doctor whose name I have temporarily forgotten. the quiet one with one eye. his past always makes me cry I just wish I could give him a big hug.<br />
I think its....Hari?

Ahh hem, I guess I could say the same thing.