Milkshake And Others...

Okay, I get innocent crushes on straight girls...why? Probably because I know they are heart will never become attached because I know there's no chance in hell for any adoration back. That being said, I have currently 3 straight girl of them is up on stage with my zumba instructor (she's what I call a "fly-girl"). So there's my zumba instructor and 4 fly girls. My crush, I call "Milkshake"....cuz yes ladies and gents...her milkshake brings me to the yard!  She is adorable and just has the best booty moves ever! She's 42, looks 35 and is married...but sure is fun to watch! Another I have is a mom in my daycare program. Cute, sweet, vulnerable and currently out of a bad break up with her boyfriend. I think that is what makes her vulnerable. She has  gorgeous blue eyes!  But she's a crush from afar...and my latest straight girl crush is my daughter's English and History adorable. Outgoing, smiley, and fun! She has so much positive energy exuding from her! My daughter loves her, but I just crush....again, from afar...she's safe. They all are!
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Now I know the real reason you are addicted to Zumba! lol

You said, "Probably because I know they are safe." Maybe you have a crush on them like them. They look nice, they have nice personalities, each is someone you feel you would be comfortable with given what you know about them.

Playing it safe is what my dating life was. It was frustrating, because I have never "went out on a date" with someone I did not know. All the women I dated in the past...I knew them or got to know them before I asked them out on date. It was safe, because I prevented myself from getting into uncomfortable situations. But how many dates did I miss out on because I took my time, they met someone else, or they got to know me and just wanted to be friends.

Crushes are cool. There is always the saying, "They can only say no." And that works fine in the hetero world. But being girl-to-girl, and married, "They can only say no" isn't quite that simple.

Good luck. Enjoy the crush. Use it for your own fun. ;) sweet! A crush on someone is a good healthy complaint that most of us can relate to and admit to!