I Love My Curls

I joined this group expecting to see praise about curly hair. Only to see demotivational posts that always had atleast these two sentances. 1, "I always straighten it". 2, "I hate it."
I have even experienced mutiny from fellow curlies who taunted my silky, bouncy locks and claimed that I'd be better off straightening it flat and dry as hay.

I used to be like that when I was 10-12, but I've grown out of it because self-hate is extremely immature and demeaning. After I sold my last straightner, my self-confidence highly rose, and once and for all my hair acknowledged my embrace, and began to embrace me, too.

People, if you are so tired of straightening it, don't straighten it at all! Not only are curls graceful and classy, but they can be cute and fun, too! My curly hair is what sets me apart from the crowd and has allowed me to pick up friends who were true and honest to me.

This may sound cheesy,  but curly or straight, be proud of what you have, don't care what others think of you, and be yourself!
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I agree that I was hoping to see more people commenting on how freeing it is to finally give in to your curls, embrace them! And we can all use advice on ways to care for our curls!

Hey, I do agree with you. I've had always been 'demotivated' when I was young, coz its sooo friggin hard to brush/shampoo/maintain my hair! However, as I grow up I realised hell with brush n all, and I've decided to use conditioner, and guess what my hair looks great, and I love it! Most of my friends are jealous of my natural curly 3a+3b hair and I am so glad that I do not ever feel like straightening my hair, to me straight hair is 'too normal' and although it's easier to maintain, shouldn't we be proud of our uniqueness of the hair? A woman's hair is her throne, her crown, so flaunt those sexy curly hair and be proud of urself!<br />
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A 26yrs old, newly happily married currently expecting mommy ;)

I just like my hair better when it's straightened. That's just my opinion.