Naturally Curly

As I've gotten older my hair has gotten curlier and curlier. As a child it was just wavy and lovely and I still miss it when I see old pictures. As a teenager I hated my curly hair and had no idea how to deal with it, my mom didn't either I guess, so I just brushed it and kept it shorter so it was a big puff ball, it was the mid  90's tho, so maybe it wasn't so bad then lol. In High school I was so uncomfortable with it and myself that I just braided it or put it in a bun every single day of my life and tried to have bangs which totally doesn't work with curly hair... Still no concept of mousse or gel or not brushing it... and I had never been a girly girl so I guess I just never wanted to research.
Then I found a straightener in college and my life changed. I used that chi every single day and fried the hell out of my hair. I still hadn't accepted the curls, but I didn't loathe what God had given me as much. I started working in a store during college and not only did I finally see all of these products for curly hair, but I also met a girl with curly hair as well. I finally found out that I was missing so many important steps and started my trial and error which really is still going on today, there are so many products! I still put it up in messy curly buns for the longest time when it wasn't straightened, but now I am happy to say that I have accepted my curls and even embraced them a little and  wear it curly and down every day (unless it's really hot, because this stuff is thick and heavy.) I don't know if I will ever be completely happy with this hair, I hate having to use so many products, still not a girly girl, and get so aggrivated never being able to find the right cut or have my hair look the same everyday, but I am happy that I finally can wear it down and natural without wanting to run and hide.
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So what products do you use? Because I'm 18 and I'm just now accepting my curly hair, but I don't know what to do with it.