When It's Long.

And unkempt.  Let the wind blow your hair dry and your fingers be your comb.

Okay, actually, i just made that up because it sounded so Bob Dylan meets Forrest Gump.
i do own a few brushes and use them on a regular basis, AND a hair dryer at both of the places of residence i call home.

But true to form, i am still one long hair, tye-dye wearing deadhead whose hair is curly when wet and a bit long, but narcishly straight when short and combed.  Always has been. When i was really young, it was super blond. Far lighter than the tea colored brown it is now.
The curls are way better though.  Give it a few months and with some water and a little spray type curl enhancer, BAMMM Suddenly it's 1983 and i got my boogie board at the beach and i look like i just got back from surfing.... with a barber who is really good with surfer hair

The curl enhancers really work. i get the light ones that spray and smell good. IAnd if my hair gets a little stiff or whacked out of place? Just add water, even the next day, and the curls rejuvenate themselves and you're good to go.

But short? Barber says i got those cowlicks.   Hell, a cowlick is just a short curl that needs to be protected from the scissors of the good barber man for a few months.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
May 14, 2012