A Long Long Time

For as long as i can remember during this decade, I've been trying to straighten the curly locks on my nappy head..  My hair is much like the group logo..  I've been noticing more and more curley headed ladies are embracing what is natural.  Bring back the big hair..  Praise Jesus.

~ Not to mention the 35-40 mins it adds to my morning relaxation / medication time...  Morning Birds sweet sounds :) ~

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12 Responses Jul 19, 2008

Luv you too oh great blue tongued lizzard

ha ha - Got you fooled Afriendo - tee hee

or Curlier in this case. have a great day :)

Aw - silentlycrying -- I still want to wear it straight occasionally. But it is funny how we always want what we don't have. <br />
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It's an Imus thing - NOT!<br />
<br />
~ aint no nappy headed ho ~

hahaha white people say nappy now lol

Tee Hee - praise be for the morning meds.. <br />
<br />
I know what you mean about that wavy frizz coming back in a few hours.. especially on the humid rainy days. At least now there is enough styling gell to hold it all in place the way it's meant to be.<br />
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Women of curls unite.

I tried to straighten my hair for years. I could iron, gel and hairspray it to death, and not even an hour later it would start getting wavy again. That is, if I even managed to get it straight at all! Finally, I just gave up and let my hair do its thing... it really does have a mind of its own.<br />
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It really does give you more time for that morning medication :P

HAHA and Oh So True<br />
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Better Living Through Chemistry!

OMG - did anyone pick up the Freudian slip:<br />
<br />
Morning MEDICATION routine (should be MEDITATION).<br />
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Aint that a hoot?

Thank you sisters! I agree and comply<br />
<br />
~ Salutes the Sergents at Arms ~

I think curly hair is gorgeous. My hair sought of goes curly when it's wet, but it just ends up drying wavy.