I Hate My Naturally Curly Hair

I think everyone else likes it. Females love it. They always want to touch it. But it's just annoying. I tried growing it out once. And it was a nightmare. I have no idea how to take care of it. It actually start to form a dreadlock during that period. I so hate it.
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5 Responses Nov 19, 2012

natural curly hair :) mixed girl haha

you should just accept your hair. Learn how to take care of it. a good conditioner and a gently shampoo! when its damp add a leave in conditioner and a anti frizz serum your good to go! :)

Very true. :)

Yea I don't have really curly hair but what I do have is a pain n my @ss 2!! The curls on the back of my neck get dreadlocked as well. But I don't mind my hair much.

I hate my hair too. It's so curly and frizzy naturally . What annoys me most is when people say, "I wish my hair was like yours" if they had hair like ours they would probably shave it off . Grr.


oh.. i have a friend who had the same problem.. he fixed it by keeping his hair short(4-5 inches) and applying hair gel to maintain his hairstyle..

I love men with dark, curly hair :D

:) *blushes*