I am natural. I'm the type of natural that doesn't goes around judging those who choose not to be. Natural is not something new people have been that way for years. I feel that if your hair is growing long and healthy with a perm then stick with that. If perms are damaging your hair maybe you should go natural. Do what works for you. Also no natural hair type or texture is better than others. A lot of people's image of a African american woman's natural hair is dry & "nappy" which isn't the case although some people choose to wear their hair in its natural state w/o moisturizer but it's their choice and that one person shouldn't speak for everyone.
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Exactly ! Some black women also just like to change their appearance.. I went from natural twists, to extensions, to perms and ended with dreads. I would perm my hair again in a heartbeat. Whatever makes me feel beautiful... Why does my hairstyle need to have a special meaning?

nicely put!!!!

Thanks. ☺️

I'm natural to, do you like to see my bloc in tumblr about "my pubic hair growth progress"?