I Have Curly Hair

i always hear people with mildy wavy, frizzy, or curly hair complain "uggh!! my hair was stick straight when i was little and then it suddenly became curly/wavy/frizzy!"

i did not have this problem. when my hair was baby-fine and an inch long, i already had a dairy-queen curl on the top of my head. my mom put a bow in it.

when i was a toddler i had a head of bouncy blondish ringlets.

when i was a preschooler, i had thick, hard-to-brush curls hanging halfway down my back.

in elementary school, people laughed and pulled my hair. and old ladies wanted to touch it.

it became increasingly hard to deal with until 6th grade, when i got my first hair straightener.

i have braided, straightened, reverse-curling-ironed, sprayed, gelled, pulled-back, relaxed, and cried over my hair.

in 9th grade, i realized curly hair is what i have been given; it is permanently woven into my DNA, just the same as my blood type, my eye color, my skin color, and the shape of my face. it is something i must deal with.

and i have actually began to love it.  i have more bad hair days than the average person, and its a little hard to deal with, but everywhere i go people tell me they like my hair. i do not feel like one of the 5 million girls i see everyday with straight hair. i feel different. it is a blessing and a curse, but it is MY blessing, and MY curse.

almost every stick-straight strand of hair in the world look exactly like the last stick-straight strand of hair. but curls are not like that. there are girls(and also boys) with tight curls and loose curls and frizzy curls and silky curls and shirly temple curls and wavy curls and boingy curls and skinny curls and fat curls and afro curls. no two curls are alike, not even on the same head. and the best part- no one has Julie Bird curls.

well, except Julie Bird that is.

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5 Responses Jul 31, 2007

Try this really cool website for girls/women (and men) with curly wavy and afro textured hair.<br />
it caters for all hair types its called www.ilovenaturalhair.com

AWESOME you have totally changed my opinion of my own hair. I have curly hair- loose curls i guess but i do get ringlets and spirals after i wash it and let it dry naturally. The only problem is when there is humidity and i pretty much need pure silicon to keep it tame!! But you are absolutely right curly is different and beautiful and straight hair can get a little monotonous! Thankyou so much for your positive attitude i think i will just make sure i get a good haircut and let my curls bounce freely:))

Hey<br />
My hair is very naturally curly.Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't.<br />
People say that i have hair like Shakira-which is a good compliment but I can get fed up with my hair as it looks scruffy at times,also when I see other girls with straight and shiney hair I sometimes want my hair to look like that because it makes them look tidier and more presentable,but my hair is difficult to straighten so I always decide to just leave it curly.

Whose Julie Bird???

Amen to that!<br />
<br />
My hair was curly like maggi mi (cup noodles!) until i was about seven. Then it was frizzy and triangular for the next eight years. Now I've figured out how to unfrizz it and I LOVE my curly hair! I don't like straight hair on myself. I look strange. And I absolutely love curly haired boys.