I Finally Love My Curles

It was straight and shiny until I was about five, I loved it then. After that it was just wavy and frizzy. If I worked hard enough, I could straighten it out and it would stay that way for a few hours. After my last child was born, it decided to fall in great big spirals. It was frizzy and dull and I hated it. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it straight. Then, I met Naoma. She showed me what to do with curley hair. She did a reconstruction on it and taught me how to style it. She even assured me that I could keep the length and still look great, after which she had to show it of to everyone that came into the salon. She made me feel good about my self and my hair. Now it hangs to the middle of my back in great big, shiny, spirals and I love it.
silvertears silvertears
31-35, F
Aug 1, 2007