my hair is a pain in the ***..but unlike most curly haired people, mine is somewhat thats good i suppose. its frizzy and i can never get it to be perfect like alot of other girls, who i see have nicely styled hair, as opposed to mine which has random frizzy strands sticking up everywhere. hahah. ohwell. its not so bad :]
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1 Response Aug 13, 2007

hi i'm a hairdresser,and i get a lot of women coming in with the same problem. the easiest way to style curly hair is to run a smoothing cream through your hair {like a straightening balm} and this smooths the cutical of the hair which causes these frizzy strands and it tames them.i know you may think' but i dont want straight hair',{i get that a lot too} it will only straighten your hair if you blowdry it straight. once you have run the balm through your hair,you then want to randomly take sections and twist them around your finger to creat the spiral effect and then either let it dry naturally or diffuse it with a hairdrier.give it a go,8/10 people find it a lot better. but whoever you talk to,theres always something wrong with their hair.