Things you should know before dating someone with curly hair:

1. we shed. a lot. You will find our hair everywhere.

2. Some days, we're going to really love our hair. Others, we will talk half-seriously about cutting it all off. Don’t ever let that happen, but also don’t shrug it off too much.

3. If it’s raining outside, you’re about to see a difficult side of us you haven’t seen before.

4. we will freak out if it's humid. we just will.

5. About 75% of the time, our hair will be pulled back in some sort of style. we know you love it down, but you try walking around the entire day with a mass of uncontrollable hair bopping around in front of your face all day.

6. You will never be able to run your hands freely through our hair. That’s not how curly hair works. It’s a romantic thought, but try it and you'll just end up hurting us. Your hand will get stuck, and I will tear up from the pain.

7. we look like a completely different person with wet hair.

8. Even if you don't like the smell of my hair product, you can't carry on about it. It took us a very long time to find the perfect product that works for our curls.

9. You will never notice our “bad hair” day since it all looks the same to you, but we will be able to tell.

10. If we ever do straighten our hair - and you end up liking it more than our natural curly hair - keep that thought to yourself.
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Lol. Spot on!!

Lol... Damn you sound so much like my ex..... Haha :P

Miss? Look at profile pic and tell me about curly hair ...

In sert the the word 'my' in between at, and profile.

but there's nothing better than a face full of curls when she's above ya smiling with half hazy eyes shuttering from what just happened

Curly hair <333

yeah, but we love it

thanks and i really do like curly hair