Most people don't like their curly hair and I'm one of them
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Stick them together and have dreadlocks

I find that most people who hate it have been fighting against it. you almost have to resign yourself to knowing it is its own living entity and learn to coexist. I love my curls. what do you hate about yours? Perhaps I could give tips?

It never stays flat lol

I love my curls.. have been stopped by strangers and complimented since I was a kid. the trick is to be kind to them and not fight them. I don't own a brush, pic, or comb. I use a curling cream after washing it, then use a blow dry with a diffuser. only dry it till it's about 75% dry - otherwise it'll frizz. the next thing is to leave it alone while it finishes air drying.. I can recommend products if you're interested..