I have curves! I have boobs and hips and I LOVE it! Even it I weighted 90lbs I'd still have an ***. Nothing wrong w/ thin girls... in fact, I like all women. They are all beautiful and we should all be proud!!
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if we didnt have curves..men wouldnt know what to do lol..or hold onto.....plus we look hotter in a bikini...inbox me sometime to chat

Space is curved!

Challenge acepted ,<br />
uh, was that inta or outa. So easily "d"istracted Lol

Hey... they had curvey models too... LOL Oh but getting this chest into Victoria's bras might be a challenge

Curves are what makes the female body so sensuous, not like those damn fake androgenous robot-like models you see all the time...

Hey... hips were created to give you something to hold on to...

I agree curves are hot!<br />
I've learn to love them and crave them!

ALL CURVES ARE HOT!!! That's what makes us who we are... to run your hands down my sides and then out over my hips... my hourglass shape is perfect for me... top it off w/ some D's and I'm good to go. :P

oh my but you sound delicious! ..... <br />
<br />
I too have curves and am beginning to love them. Its taking a while to love some of curves but most of them are pretty hot. :)