A boyfriend once told me "you look like a dancer. Well, you look like a ballet dancer who became a ******** and then a Russian housewife"

pretty sure its a compliment, just worded badly. haha - i've had guys use my hips as the focus of pick-up lines before...not even cliche ones..just "i could hold on to those hips all night" kind

curves are awesome. hourglass is better. either way - women rock.

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It's definitely a compliment!

god that's the best thing i've heard all day!!! lol... i'm so keeping that... its almost as good as when my friend says "she looks like she's been ridden hard and hung up wet"

Yeah, in my family all the females are very "hip-py". My Dad calls them Child-Bearing hips. Yeah, boy, did he LIE to me! =} I have kids, but the birthin' wasn't easy! THat's what I get for letting a male tell me about the FEMALE body! ;P