I think it started when I was 9 or 10 my mum took me to target to get clothes, I must have been too big for the size 10 she gave me because she announced I was on a diet and ever since then every time I went near food she reminded me of that. I'd always get less food then my brothers when she bothered to cook, which was hardly ever. She never packed our school lunches or had breakfast for us she just left muesli bars and bread etc in the cupboard and expect us to make our own from a young age.

I started stealing food because I was hungry or I was jealous that they could all have chocolate and chips and ice cream. I was always hungry it seems esp when I got home from school after not eating all day so I would eat anything I could get my hands on, like I would actually ******* gorge on food.

I put in so much weight throughout my life I'm over 150kgs and i don't know how to control myself. I need help so bad
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I'm very sorry you went through something so traumatic. Are you on your own now? Perhaps once you know that you are in full control of what you but in your own body, you might be able to train yourself to not "gorge" on food. I went through something kind of similar... I know it's not easy.

I had a problem too but lost 70 lbs by portion control and substitution not starving. Example raw sugar for refined, water for soda, tons more fruits and raw veggies (kale) etc.