DONT GET MAD lol this pic is for my friend who didn't believe I have curves, I will delete this soon axaxaxa
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DAMN very sexy

Yep, those are some curves, all right

You have perfect curves.


Damn, very nice would love to see more pics like this

Need to see your face

Gorgeous curves!

well you do have lovely curves ...thanks for sharing

Wow sexy!!!

So sexy

definitely do!

DON'T DELETE IT!!!! ....just gimme a couple more minutes... ;) Lol


you have a very nice figure & don't have to worry a/b NOT having CURVES!!!!

You should be proud of yourself and your body nothing to be mad about here!

Damn. I wish I was 15 again.

Don't get me wrong I'm not hitting on you. I have nothing nothing against being gay. I was gay living with a woman. All I am trying to say that if you look good show it off.

Dayum xD dem curves tho! who would hate on that? You're not naked or anything, so people can't call you a ****


You can send pictures via private messages as well.

I ignored him lol like blocked

Then posting this story won't have any effect if I'm not mistaken. If he's blocked I believe he can't read your story.

You have great curves and don't worry I don't think anyone here thinks you are a ****, not like you aren't wearing clothes

Nice sister. ^_^

Wow have an amazing figure,, for a young lady:)

You just keep impressing haha. Seriously read one of my earlier posts about girls being proud of their bodies!