Cvs And Anxiety?

Hey everyone!  First let me say I hope this finds everyone somewhat healthy, and episode free!  Second I want to tell everyone thank you again for all of your support, and your kind thoughts and words.  It means more than I could ever say!   Now down to business.  Like so many others trying to figure this thing out I have kept journals trying to figure if there are any triggers to my episodes.  Unfortunately I have never been able to identify any......for me anyways.  They just always seem to be so random and sporatic.  Lately I have thinking about anxiety though.  I dont have like full blown panic attacks, but I worry about everything.  I mean absolutely everything......even things out of my control.....and constantly.  I was wondering if anyone out there worries like this and if they have ever noticed a correlation between this and their episodes?  I'm not sure about this because my episodes come on so violently and sudden that I don't even have time to be anxious about anything.  Just thought maybe because my mind is always racing, that even though I am not aware of whats happening, my body does and chooses to handle it by getting sick.  I know this sounds crazy, and again I am not sure if it even matters at all, but I just was curious about everyone else's situation.  Thanks for any responses or help you can give.  Have a great night, and Bless every one of you!

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Hey , My name is K . My sister in law is diagnosed with cvs and I have just been diagnosed with this as well . I would suggest that you stay away from your triggers and that you try to be less anxious. I have recently had to quit my job and now I have to do school from home . It sucks but the Zofran I am prescribed doesn't help.

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It definitely doesn't sound crazy. I'm the same. My mind is ALWAYS on, it's the way we are, we can't turn it off. Don't try to. What we can do is redirect the thoughts (to be more positive, hopeful, opposed to heavy, hopeless and manic). Anyway, I have CVS, too. I haven't had an episode in years, though I used to have it bad. Idk why it comes along. I'm in college, a science major with labs and a job and I've never been more stressed in my entire life. And yet I haven't gotten an episode and I'm managing (it may be because I'm apathetic, often, forcing myself to not worry about things and trying to be hopeful, but honestly I can't say for sure).<br />
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THIS is going to sound crazy, though. The only thing I wanted to do during my episodes was curl up in a ball and sleep forever. The only thing that ever HELPED was staring at my sickly, pale, malnourished self in the bathroom mirror and talking to myself until I cried, and still until I stopped. Just trying to come to realizations about myself... And then I feel better. No longer than a week more and I'm out of an episode.<br />
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Actually a massage is a great temporary fix during episodes, too!<br />
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Anyway I talk to myself like a loon during one episode. It worked. I did it again, I gained determination to live my life even with this disease. I got over that episode. I've been good since. It's so unclear why, and that in itself is really unfair (not just to others, but to me, too!)<br />
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Good luck to you, from the bottom of my heart! Please message me if you have any questions or if you just need to talk :)

Hi janelle<br />
I have had cvs all my life but the last four years have been the worst. I was hospitalized 28 times last year.I found that working and the stress that comes with work and being sick at the same time caused my attacks to come as much as every two weeks.Stopping work has minimized my episodes but cvs continues to control my life and I have no control over what happens. Good and bad stress cause episodes for me.

I'm just wondering how ppl with cvs manage to make it financially. I miss so much work and I always worried about being fired. I am a single mom of 3 what am I suppose to do if I lose my job??

Hey there, for me I can tell you when I'm stressed or anxious I can bring on an episode. I think it just compounds everything so I try to destress (try yoga it does help) and I really try to surround myself with positive things. Negative situations or people just make me more stressed and literally can make me sick. My anxiety developed after CVS but I think that is because I can't control it and the one I am and have been since birth is a control freak. I try not to be but I do like to be in control of things, its my security blanket.